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Talent recruitment

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Perfect Welfare System
Clear career development path, including multi-departmental internal transfer opportunities, as well as vertical expert/management development training; encourage learning, progress, sharing of the working atmosphere, we have set up a new training system to help staff better development.Competitive salary system and annual salary adjustment incentives;

Sales Assistant Release date: 27 September 2019

Monthly Salary for Position: Face to face Location of work: Shenzhen Nature of work: full-time Minimum Education: Undergraduate Work experience: 1-3 years Recruitment: 1 person
Operating duty:
1、Computer proficiency and good communication skills;
2、1-2 years working experience in documentation;
3、Female, 25-36 years old, lively and cheerful personality;
4、 Good communication and coordination skills and team spirit, strong sense of time, strong sense of responsibility, good ability to resist pressure, careful/patient, quick thinking, hard work and obedience to arrangements;
5. Participate in the stage strategic planning of the platform and put forward feasible ideas.
1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years experience in Internet industry operation, familiar with mobile Internet operation and dissemination;
2. Have their own understanding of the operation of B2B platform, strong operational thinking and practical experience;
3. Strong professional accomplishment and team spirit, good management and resource integration ability, and can influence others;
4. Have good data analysis ability, excellent writing ability, good communication logic thinking, grounding spirit, innovative consciousness;
5. Mainly responsible for the follow-up of customer order progress, and internal communication and coordination with the company;
6. Experience in related industries is preferred.

Customer Service Commissioner/Assistant Release date: 27 June 2019

Monthly salary: 4000-5000 yuan/month Location of work: Shenzhen Nature of work: full-time Minimum Education: Undergraduate Work experience: 1-3 years Recruitment: 3-5
Operating duty:
1. Will communicate with basic Russian, through mail, QQ and other ways to reply to customer service on Logistics arrival of post-service advice.
2. Follow up old customers and maintain customer relationship.
3. Familiar with the rules and policies of platform operation.
Bachelor degree or above, men and women are not limited, Russian business correspondence writing proficiency, with good oral expression skills;
2、Team spirit and service consciousness; honest and trustworthy, down-to-earth, hard working; modest and eager to learn, and strive to progress;
3、Be interested in e-commerce and foreign trade industry, be interested and enthusiastic in e-commerce and foreign trade.
4、Immediate employment is preferred.