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Superluminal International Logistics will focus on cooperation with Russia and cultural industry at this conference. At present, the core pains of Sino-Russian cross-border logistics lie in customs clearance and the last kilometer delivery link. Superluminal logistics relies on more than ten years'experience in customs clearance at ports and in-depth cooperation with CDEK Company, which ensures the stability of customs clearance and proper investment and timeliness.

The company's fist product "Russian Cross-border Small Bag Line" can achieve 10-20 days of double-clearance investment in Russia, and now has a good customer recognition and word-of-mouth effect in the market.

Establish cross-border e-commerce image exhibition. This paper systematically and comprehensively introduces the construction contents of superluminal international logistics and cross-border e-commerce projects.

On June 28, the 29th Harbin Fair and the 5th China-Russia Expo Press Conference were informed that the 29th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair will be held in Harbin International Exhibition Sports Center from June 15 to 19, 2018. With the theme of "introducing investment to revitalize and lead consumption to upgrade", this Harbin-Kazakhstan Fair has worked hard on the word "new" and made an article on the word "special".

It is understood that the total area of the exhibition is 86,000 square meters, which is divided into five parts: imported goods, green consumption, modern life, international timber, large machinery and so on. Including Hall A, Hall B, Hall C, Hall D (Harbin Fair International Oil Painting Exhibition), Sharing Hall, Outdoor Pavilion, Outdoor Large Machinery Exhibition Hall and E, F Green Food Hall. In addition, the Red Flag Furniture City, Harbin South China City, Yiwu Shangzhi Small Commodity City, Harbin Guorun Clothing Fabric Market as the branch venue of this Harbin Fair.

It is reported that this Harbin-Kazakhstan Fair highlights the theme, demonstrates and docks new consumption patterns, new consumption hotspots and new consumer groups, builds a platform for international cooperation and exchanges, and focuses on Sino-Russian local cooperation, transforming from economic and trade cooperation to all-round cooperation. Focus on brand and work hard on three articles. Focus on consumer upgrading to drive market expectations. Focus on counterpart cooperation, publicize the good environment of ecological Heilongjiang while highlighting the cultural and fashion industry; highlight practical docking, project preparation and accurate negotiation docking; highlight service innovation, establish a one-stop service center to provide convenient services for exhibitors, while promoting green exhibitions.