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Guan Tingan, General Manager of Yunda International Europe Headquarters

Guan Tingan, general manager of Shanghai Yunda Freight Transport Co., Ltd., first made a speech, introducing the background of Yunda Express Company and its development in China. "Yunda" brand was founded in August 1999, headquartered in Shanghai, January 18, 2017, Yunda Shenzhen Stock Exchange formally completed the reorganization renaming (Yunda shares: 002120), landing in the capital market. Under the guidance of the development concept of "Yunda+", Yunda takes science and technology as the driving force and big data capacity as the carrier. Through the construction of diversified express delivery products, "the last kilometer" and "the last 100 meters" distribution load information technology, Yunda is committed to building an integrated service logistics platform with express delivery as the core, covering warehouse distribution, cloud convenience, cross-border logistics and intelligent express cabinet. By the end of 2016, 55 self-operated hub transfer centers have been set up in China, and a complete self-operated trunk transport network has been established. Routine trunk transport lines have reached more than 4200, and more than 20,000 vehicles have been dispatched at the end, which effectively supports the company's "point-to-point" and "regional distribution" trunk transport mode.

At present, the company mainly has four parts: Yunda domestic, Yunda international, Yunda commercial and Yunda financial. Yunda International, as a newly established business sector, is an important step in the company's strategic deployment. He concluded by saying that the opening of Yunda International European Headquarters would better open up international channels, better serve the local Dutch Chinese, further expand the European local express market, and bring the high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost operation mode of Chinese local express enterprises to the Netherlands. At the same time, we should enhance the influence of Yunda in the European market, strengthen the links between different branches of Yunda in Europe, and improve the express network of Yunda in European countries.

General Manager Yang Haicheng and Yunda Guan Ting an Partners